Universal Love Peace Harmony



Can they LOOK you in the Eye?
Is that just because of preoccupation?
Momentary loss of concentration?

Do You benefit the doubt?
Does it really MATTER that way?
Whatever You say

If the TRUTH is Yours
Each reflection opens doors

They are there to Clarify
Step through with You
Or Step aside

Any murky waters diffract Your Beam...
For ... Within Your Illusion
TRUST is the Reality Seam


The Clash of ONE's Metal with Matter
Sparks of Intuition
And the Smell of the Sun

The Driving Force of ONE - Kind
Meandering when left to the Mind

The Heart Knows
As does the Soul

Faith - fused in Spirit
And ONE becomes Whole


This is Yours - the Straight Road - Your Direction

Lit by Understanding
Paved with Compassion
Sprinkled with Peace

Danced and Entranced
In Courage, Faith and Wisdom

Tip-toes of fear in times of Distraction
Swept clear with Loves favoured Reaction

Why step off into the thorny brush?
Why challenge and colour to grey?
Why tone birdsong into a hush?
Cloak emotion in darkest dismay?

Your Way ~ Your Goal ~ Your Light


Beware of tempations sweet lure
Emotional turmoil unravels the tread
Past demons reach up through the floor

NOW - Walk Tall and Walk Proud
Sing Life's Song to the Crowd
And have Fun each Breath Sharing Day

It's Your TRUTH - so LIVE it
No deviance, question or lies
Bright, Sparkling, Resounding TRUTH
Let her Sun Shine forth from Your Eyes

Artwork by Jack Haas


Dark Dank Shadows of Lost Days
Crawling and Creepy Cold maze
Nerves at the Edge of a Knife
Troubled Wars Tugging at Strife

Pain Peeled Back  Reveals Sin
Karma's Cost to Timed Limits
Blinded by Loss of Control
Open Wounds Deep to the Core

Faces in Places Fixed at a Stare
Alone with Your Soul and Nothing to Share
Disturbing Screams and Jolted Awake
Sweat Soaked Beads of Life on a Stake

Fill Your Chest with Broken Hearts
Fear is a Test of Moral Resolve
Once You Realise ALL is Choice
Then the Gnawing Quest Will Be Won