Universal Love Peace Harmony



Each Breath is not yours by Right but by Doing Right

That we are Born into our Environment is Not our Choice.

How we Grow - Develop - Interact - Evolve & Show along our Path is our Choice.

Based on Life Experience(s) at Every Step Along the Way.

Sometimes the way is lit for us
Sometimes it is in darkness

Whatever your path is, - however it is paved, - smooth or uneven

We must SHINE to Progress -- In Love***Truth***Peace***Harmony

We all find eventually the we are from ONE

All is ONE & ONE is All


Universal Love Peace & Harmony - To ALL


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Re-connection ~ ONE Life

Playmates for Life

Dreaming Bear Baraka Kanaan ~ adapted by Michelle Anderson

Before becoming intergalactic peace ambassadors, let’s just become Internal Peace Embodiments. Truth is gracefully walking a tightrope of elegance between us. While God plays peek-a-boo at the Universe from behind an open secret ~ artfully expressed ~ upon the stained glass windows of your eyes. Like children discovering the promise land of each other’s milk and honey drenched laughter. Seeing every Heart in existence as a Star undulating on a midnight ocean and coming together to kiss the cheek of innocence saying, “You are so astonishingly beautiful~ you’re so beautiful” ~ and your tenderness is a
playground where these words become a merry-go-round of meaning. Down the super slide of sensation and being skin into a sandbox of pure imagination.

Let’s leave behind the emotional sea saws of UP ~ I’m happy, DOWN ~ I’m sad again, until you’re exhausted. Leaving the bottom of your Soul sore. Instead, come swing with me into the arms of eternity and lets take a flying mid-air leap of faith into the freedom and

fascination of diving face first into Forgiveness. Face first into forgiveness like a child running headlong into a backyard pile of flame colored fall leaves.

Just disrobe your essence of the ego, undress your mind of the need to be right and get naked with me in this honesty. We can be like brand newborn babies in a bubble bath of beauty knowing neither guilt nor shame, only the purest parts of each others flower petal hearts blooming in divine holy mischief because our prayers are magic carpet rides for
manifesting our dreams… Our prayers are magic carpet rides for manifesting our dreams… Our dreams are inter-dimensional doorways through which our soul becomes the nexus point for experiencing every possible version of reality.

Sadly, there is no 12-step program of becoming practically enlightened. There’s no short cut, sure-fire solution on being a “spiritual success”. Sure, social showmanship sells a lot of t-shirts, but it’s Authenticity that performs the true alchemy of giving broken hearts back their song.

So I wed myself to this innocence, I marry my soul to the fascination of Seeing the Beloved in everyone. Here I am again, throwing pebbles of playfulness at your hearts bedroom window in the middle of the afternoon. Saying, “Hey, you, come play with me. I know you have to get up early in the morning, but come play with me…just forget about all your worries and your cares, all your doubts and obligations. I know you have a million different reasons for not leaving your comfort zone and being Wild and Carefree, but come play with me.”

The time for following is over. Why not now instead ~ accept the invitation that the Guru of your own glowing heart has sent you in the form of an opportunity to be a living embodiment of Source Essence, a Divine Vessel for infinite creativity…like a child poet on the playgrounds of inner peace.

These words are my hearts tender intent tapping your soul on the shoulder saying, “Hey beautiful, I’ve got a pocket full of planets and moons that we can use to play a cosmic game of marbles, what do you say,

Let’s be playmates for life"!

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...

...that someone is looking up to you now, preparing to

follow your example. Let this guide your next choice.

We often think that we are operating in a vaccuum,

that no one is watching us, that our actions are mostly

private. Yet what if you knew that your every thought,

word, and deed today was going to be imitated by

one who admires you?

Can you feel good about what you are demonstrating?

Wonderful. If your answer is yes, wonderful!