Universal Love Peace Harmony


The Power of Thought and the Conditions of a New Civilization.

Thinking makes the man. Man makes civilization. After every great event in the life and history of the world, there is a powerful force of thought.
After all the discoveries and inventions, after all the religions and philosophies, after all approaches for plans , saviors or destroyers, is always thinking.
The thought is expressed in words and runs under construction. The word is the assistant of thought and work is the final result. Hence the saying: "As you think, this you will become."
How to build a new civilization? Generating a new force of thought. How to build a new civilization that ensures peace of mankind, the prosperity of society and the salvation of the individual?
Generating a new force of thought that brings peace of mind, that would give his heart the divine virtues of compassion, service to their fellows, love for God and an intense desire to self realization.
If only a fraction of the money and time spent in destructive activities should be devoted to the creation of a good thought, no doubt it will emerge a new civilization here and now.
These activities squander your wealth, destroy your neighbors, pollute the atmosphere around the world and arise fear, hatred and suspicion in your heart. The mind has become unbalanced and the body is subject to disease. Stop it .

Swami Sivananda .( 1887-1963)

Thought Power

Heart over Matter

Do you want to overcome the darkness and BE your LIGHT?
Try this simple switch ~ from Mind to Heart
Your Heart only knows Goodness and seeks Pure Resonance
It holds the center of your being ~ the constant rhythm of you

Mind is corruptible ~ Heart is not
Your Mind tests your resolve in a constant yin-yang duality of purpose
The Universal Mind is also in polarity due to the constant interference
from drunken and/or drug addled thoughts of the masses friviolities

Let your Heart focus you ~ any and all aberrant thought send there for dissolution
Your Heart is the Washing machine for your Soul
On constant Colour-fastness
It is here where your True Colours are.

It is not a battle within
Heart wins every time ~ you just have to let it
Then your Destiny becomes your Purpose
Your Truth expands your Aura and Self becomes a Frictionless Spin

Mind has the duty of seving your senses
Heart is the Driving Force and Direction
Observe ALL with your Heart First and let your Mind follow
Put it in its place and clear your path

What your Heart determines is Right EVERY time
Simple fact ~ Heart does not judge
The Heart is not vain
and ~ never has anything ugly to impart

Universal Love Peace and Harmony


The more we know our Truth
The more we are set on our Quest
The mistakes we made in Youth
Have taught us to do our Best

Look in the Mirror ... more than a glance
I AM... the reflection of YOU as LOVE

NOW ~ as ONE it is time to advance
Within to Without and Gifts from Above

So... Smile Bright and BE ~ Proud
Let Your Heart Resonate with the Crowd
Colour this Day with Your Vibrant Dream
and Walk the Illusion~Reality Seam


See through the Veil
Reveal Your Heart to the Ether
Expand Your Soul ...
Become ONE with the Whole

NOW ... our Inner Vibration Tunes IN to Creation
Each thought a Snowflake ...
Pure Consciousness Blessed
As we Conquer Life*s Questioning Test

Who Am I? I AM ... ONE
What AM I? ~ Energy in Space
God*s Sparkle has Shone
Look at Your Smiling Face

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Visitors Comments

Hello Paul - I really loved your site and celebrate your powerful poetry and glorious images.
What a gift to our world. Bravo!

~ Jaqueline Joy ~ Diamond Alignement

I visited your blog...wow...I really related and enjoyed your poetic nature in sharing those human wanderings and wonderful treasures you have found on your journey. The healing session was nice=)I felt positive energy flowing like Japanese waterfalls...thankyou Paul.
~ Susan

Dear Paul,
Your blog is really wonderful... it transpires beautifully your love and peace... thanks for sharing it with us.
With Love,
~ Serene

I'll tell you the truth, the session actually turned me on sexually and I thought it was a little odd. Besides that, I could feel some positive energy. I was surprised to have that Whole Body Experience. Still kinda wow! Thank you and thank you:) ~ ~ ~ Susan

Beauty ful :)
~ Tallulah

Great message. Good to hear from you, again. I've been getting some good stuff.
Forwarded my favorite one today to you. 
~ Dr Leslie Reynolds-Benns

Lovely words and pics and videos, and wonderful blog format! I put the Sound of Healing video on my facebook page, as I am also a Reiki practitioner and this is excellent for the people I treat. Good work, and thank you for sending me your link!
~ I AM Hedda

Thank you Paul
- Velvetviolet

Thanks Paul
The SOURCE is in Your Hands
- Sedrick Smith

I will visit again, Paul...
Your Essence is so STRONG ~!
Blessings and Care for you ~*
~ Michael

Nice choice of words pictures awesome has meaning with your words
~ Angel

Thank you for the link to your beautiful site, Paul. This made my day! Your blessed radiance and love are a joy to my heart. I know I will be returning there often. It's now in my favorites.
Love and Light,
~ Teri

Thank you, Paul, for your kindly answer.
And thank you for the healing... I will tell you...
I'm also a healer but from time to time all of us need a little help from "outside", je, je
Have a wonderful week plenty of Love and inspiration!
With Love,
~ Serene

Beautiful site, Paul, congratulations :)) Love & many blessings
~ Gigi BlueStar

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Human Beings have Seven Major roles as Earth Guardians.

All of these tasks are important for this Walk in Balance.

The first gift is the Gift of Song.
Know that your words are song, too.
If you have nothing good to say, then honor the Sacred Silence.
Within Silence is a music which human beings must remember.
Get still and listen to Our song which echoes around Mother Earth.

The second gift is the Gift of Sight and Vision.
This is your connection to the Sacred Light of Spirit.
Through their thoughts, human beings feed the life around them.
The Stones, and the Plants, and the Animals, therefore, need nourishing light.
Human Beings must think nourishing thoughts!

The third gift is the Gift of Action, Love is action.
Touch your world with joy and with gentleness.
Your touch is a healing balm to all of the Relations.

The fourth gift is the Gift of Choice.
Use your will, your energy to bring life, to create in balance with Our Mother’s Heart.
Will not that which is your own.
Use your power to help your Mother.
Mother Earth is the Creator, the Goddess, of this sphere.
Use your power to honor Her.

The fifth gift is the Gift of Creation.
It is the Wellspring of your knowledge.
It is that Creative River called imagination and the power to bring forth life.

The sixth gift is the Gift of Sacrifice, the gift of giving away to one another.
And, in death, you will be reborn to New Life.
Lay down your will that Universe may prosper.
Find your Will as the Universe unfolds.

The seventh gift is the Gift of Your Connection to Creator, the Gift of Holy thought, being and feeling.
It is the gift of Starry Nature.
Nourish your connection to your Soul Star.
Life will then be truly abundant.



~ ~ ~ ONE ~ ~ ~

LOVE in Waves of Colourful LIGHT
Transfoms the Dark Blinkered Shadows



We are ALL connected

That is the Nature of things ~ Spirited by Past Lives ~ Graced by Present Wisdom ~ Dreaming of Future Glory

~ ~ ~ ONE ~ ~ ~