Universal Love Peace Harmony


Water ~ Bless Every Drop

Light and water contain the highest natural vibrational frequency
upon the earth.
When light and water come together,
both intensify each other into an even higher frequency,
creating both an opportunity and a key
for raising vibration within our own body
and in our awareness.

Water ~ Wave

Grace of Wonder Aligned

Life's Conscious Flow and Eternal Connection
Spirit's Tidal Passionate Rifts of Reflection
Love's Sacred Vibrations Held True
God's Gift of Creation to You

The Solution and the Absolution
As Clouds Dance in Dream Travels
Rains Acknowledge Tears of Expression
And Snow Flakes Purity Anew

ONE Body ONE Source ONE Good
Crystal Clear yet Misunderstood
Soaking up Rays of Direction
For Growth and Blessed Perfection

Hail Our Awakening Mind

Water and Consciousness ~ Masaru Emoto

Transmuting Fragments

Anger, Sadness, Suffering and Fear
Lost to the Echoes NOW our Vision is Clear
Physical, Mental and Emotional Health
Blessed by Spirit as our Vibrant Wealth

Pure Breath in Colourful Tones
One Harmonious Gaia Connection
With Rainbow Bridges to Days Light

The View from Within Opens Loves Door
Universal Stardust for Mind to Explore
Fragments Evolve to Tranquility Form
Unity Emerges as Truth is Re-Born

Artwork by Omron

Further Expressing The Intent
"I ask that all anger, sadness, suffering and fear be cleared from my physical, emotional and mental bodies to be transmuted into the highest form of light."