Universal Love Peace Harmony

Quote for the Day:

Healing Prayer from Dr. Emoto: “I send the energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings. To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons, corals, algae … humankind … to ALL living creatures … I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I Love You.”

 Paul Westmerland


Hello ... again

When did my consciousness begin?
How many cells in the womb?
Was I swimming in dreams of past lives, kicking and elbowing and sucking my thumb?

A couple of Months of being comfortably aware that the Universe is a flow, before a rude awakening of frantic emotion.

My Space being squeezed
Maneuvered against my will
Space contracted ... again and again
Light through the tunnel
Space expanded
Slapped awake
My Big Bang

Light pervading and persuading
My atomic vibrations tuning in
Time to share my brightness again
Which form is this?

We will work it out - the Universe and I
Making it up as we go along
Urge to get back to my dreams first, but this New World keeps distracting me and the first pangs of hunger are honing my survival instincts and igniting all my senses.
Mother's milk smells of salvation

Why am I being distanced?
Poked and prodded, balanced and shaped
Too many beats away from the comforting drum
My ears ring to the sound of internal insecurity
Disconnected feels disorienting and cold
Passed around in the Light
Teetering on the edge of my zone

Thankful to re-unite with Mother's Heartbeat
Which calms mine down in synchronization
Elated that the taste of first suction is as wonderful as the smell of anticipation

Settling in to dreams of contentment
LOVE - I remember now
That's why I am here


My first smile
It works
More LOVE ... and smiles and chatter

I am... the center of the Universe
Attracting, concentrating, absorbing
Attention - consciousness focused to a point
Now every point is Now

LOVE - Yes I remember Now
Why did I forget?
Why is it fragmented, is it broken?
No, I remember Now, it's for me to piece it together
The gel, the solution, the Light

LOVE - flowing out from my Soul
Piecing together the whole.

Smile ... again ... again
This should be easy

Infinite Love

Gifts from Within and Lights Shimmering Glove
Reach out ~ take Hold ~ Advance ~ BE Bold
Embrace and Infuse as ONE Smiling Muse

Do You feel that Beat you've Become?
The Colour of Nature's Freedom

This is the You to Infinity
The You that is Me and He and She
The ALL that is WE Shaped into Form

Remember NOW ~ our essence is Pure
From Shining Sea to Creations Shore
LOVE puts the Spin in Everything

The Universe we are in ~ is Forever
LOVE's Divine Spin


Illuminate the Paths which are in Darkness
Light your Within so you can Shine Without
In Truth & Love & Peace
Take Time In The Moment Where Breath Stands Still
And, Absorb the Wonder of ONE
Float Harmoniously in Dreams WE Wish to Fulfill
For, I AM... Waiting in the Light which has Shone

Let There BE more LIGHT

May our Souls Shine Brightly
Lighting the way for Change
BE Divine
BE Inspiration
BE Brilliant
Let your Heart GUIDE You
Let your Breath FOCUS You
Let your Actions REVEAL You

All is ONE & ONE is ALL

Letting Go ~ Let In God

Awaken from Tormented Tangles
Senses Aware of Colourful Form
Clinical Grasp of All the Angles
...The Rush of Life - The Eye of the Storm

Do You Realise it`s Time to Let Go?
All Dressed Up and Nothing to Show
Bare Your Soul - Take Life Slow
Savour Each Breath - Go With the Flow

The Barbs of Strife Wire
Cycles with Churning Desire
Heavy Burdens of Greed
Nature`s Fissures that Bleed

Show Respect for our Earth
Clear Your Cluttered Dis-Grace
Now is the Time for Re-Birth
As ONE Life - ONE Love - ONE Space

Let Go, Let Go, Let Grow
Before there is Nothing to Know
We Children of Light Must Shine
And Guide the Lost into Divine